Ivrnet Audio Conference

Ivrnet Conference is a self-managed, reservation-less, all digital, web-enabled audio conference service. Ivrnet uses uncompressed telephone channels to ensure no signal drop and no decrease in the audio spectrum. We give you the power to conduct conference calls anytime, anywhere, without specifying a date, time, duration, or number of participants. All conferencing plans include the ability to call anywhere in Canada and the US.

Ivrnet Conference users will experience convenient features through our web-enabled interface that lets you control who is on the calls and the ability to mute, put on hold, disconnect, and our newest feature “Raise-a-Hand”. Beyond the formidable security features, Ivrnet Conference also maintains a consistently high level of quality and is exceedingly easy to use. We’ve incorporated state of the art convenient features with the level of security unrivalled in the industry.



  1. Efficient - No reservations and no headaches with callers trying to speak at the same time or interrupting. This allows for an efficient and smoothly-run conference entirely controlled by you.
  2. Ease of Use - Setting up a conference call is in the hands of the moderator with the easy to use web-portal for participators and moderators and takes just seconds to setup. All that is needed is a permanent access code and participant code can be supplied when needed. No reservations are needed.
  3. Convenient - The easy-to-use web portal makes audio conferencing extremely convenient, especially for travelers and business users on the go. The One-Touch Call Recording allows the moderator to download their full conference immediately after a conference.
  4. Advanced Features - Our new features such as "Raise-a-Hand", uploading a PowerPoint presentation for sharing through the web portal and One-Touch Call Recording and Playback, makes Ivrnet Conference an advanced system for all conference user's needs.
  5. Support - 24x7x365 Ivrnet Support Service means you can have peace of mind for setting up your conference or any issues while using Ivrnet Conference, just email helpdesk@ivrnet.com or use our easy Support Suite interface http://support.ivrnet.com to get a quick response for any issues and speak to a live representative if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is the quality of the audio?
    Ivrnet uses uncompressed telephone channels which ensure the best quality possible, no signal drop or dropped calls and no decrease in the audio spectrum.
  2. How secure are my conference calls?
    Ivrnet's secure data center ensures that all your calls are private and protected with a 99.9% uptime rate.
  3. Is the web portal easy to use?
    Absolutely! The audio conference web portal developed by Ivrnet is very simple and easy to use for anyone. Simply type in the URL, sign in with your access code as a moderator or participant and control your entire audio conference via the web.
  4. Can I have a conference long distance?
    Yes! Ivrnet has rates available across Canada, United States, and international. You may conduct or participate in an Ivrnet Conference anywhere and anytime.
  5. Can I upload and share a PowerPoint?
    Yes! The web portal allows the moderator to upload a full Microsoft PowerPoint presentation which is shared with the participants logged in and included on the conference call.
  6. Why do I need a web portal for an audio conference?
    The web portal is created for control over the entire conference by the moderator. The moderator can mute, put on a hold, and disconnect a participant by one click. The portal allows you to view a clear and simple list of all your callers and their phone numbers and eliminate the use for key pad commands on your phone.
  7. What happens if Ivrnet Conference is not working properly?
    Call us anytime, anywhere! Ivrnet Service Support is available 24x7x365 with the best industry Service Level Agreement (SLA) times enforced. The Ivrnet Team of dedicated professionals available for support, balanced with our fully redundant world-class Network and Data Center will give you peace of mind.