Online Registration

Manual, paper-based registration and payment collection takes valuable administrative time and effort, but this is no longer necessary! With Online Registration, registrants simply go online at their convenience, register, and make a secure payment with their Visa or MasterCard. Within minutes, the registration is complete and the payment is processed.


Online Registration Online household-based registration and secure fund collection in one easy-to-use system.  No paper required.
Credit Card Merchant Account We provide the merchant account for Visa and MasterCard transactions you tell us where to send the funds.
Scheduled Fund Transfers Scheduled fund transfers reduce bank fees and waiting time to receive funds from online transactions.
Membership History Tracking Membership history is stored and easily accessible, even if they are no longer in the community
Low Payment Processing Fees Low resident transaction and credit card processing fees mean everyone saves money
Detailed Accounting Reporting All reporting is real-time, so you know exactly which residents have registered at any given time.