Guiding Principles

The technology is complex. Our guiding principles are simple. Our revolutionary approach and success is rooted in Ivrnet’s four guiding principles.

I. The only ubiquitous technology in the world is the telephone.

The most common way people communicate is still with the human voice. Many technologies supplement voice, but none replace it. Hence, the phone is central to optimizing the user benefits of our products and services.

II. People shouldn’t have to change the way they do business in order to use our products and services.

We conduct business the way customers want it, when they want it, and how they want it. Customers shouldn’t need to invest in new technology to benefit from our products and services.We build our applications into our customers’ existing communications network, recognizing that voice applications must work in conjunction with the fax, email, text, the internet and the printed word.

We incorporate continuous improvement in small increments so that our applications are not disruptive to our customers’ daily business operations.

III. People shouldn’t have to learn anything new in order to use our products and services.

People are overburdened by the pace of change and complexity of technology. Every new learning requirement is a roadblock to the effective use of technology and the full realization of its promise.We make using our technology intuitive and as easy as using the phone.

IV. “Instant satisfaction” must be instant.

We work to ensure that all transactions and interactions using our products and services result in a complete real-time resolution for the user. Calling to book a furnace inspection, for example, is confirmed in real time; the transaction is dealt with and completed in a single interaction as opposed to waiting for a call-back to confirm or reschedule the appointment.