Humanizing Automated Interaction


Realizing the vision. That's the Ivrnet difference.

Ivrnet is a communications service provider with a uniquely deep understanding of voice applications that solve business problems through improved communication and automation. Ivrnet takes advantage of the ubiquity of cellular and voice networks to enhance interaction and efficiency within an organization. Easy integration enhances your business by strengthening your customers' relationships with their customers, increasing your revenue and lowering costs.

Ivrnet conceives, develops and operates intelligent applications for automated interaction such as:

  • Personalized communication between people;
  • Mass communication for disseminating information to thousands of people concurrently; and
  • Personalized communication between people and automated systems.

Our applications are delivered through traditional phone networks and the Internet and are accessible 24/7/365 throughout North America via virtually any form of communication technology (voice, phone, fax, email, texting and the Internet).

A difference that speaks (not to mention listens and makes decisions) for itself.

Voice and telephone networks are the only truly ubiquitous means of communication. In further enabling these communications channels, Ivrnet has developed a remarkable approach to automated interaction. One that allows technology to truly “converse” with people.

Ivrnet’s advanced communications applications incorporate simple artificial intelligence, interactive voice response, voice recognition, speech recognition, linguistics and human behavior, geomatics and biometrics. Because the applications use “intelligent software agents”, they can intuit, observe, interpret, assess and cognitively “act upon” any communication input (including non-verbal nuances).

Multiple innovations. Infinite potential.

“Voice-identification biometric” agents can recognize the identity of a telephone caller, and present personalized options. If, for example, the person is not who they say they are, silent security alarms may be triggered.

Whether the call is for filling a prescription, transferring sensitive medical information or checking with a user’s credit card provider, these biometric agents enhance safety and protection for both the service provider and their customer. Built-in “voice recognition” agents can identify words, phrases and requests. And “intelligent decision” agents understand and interpret these and initiate action based on the user’s rights, privileges, importance and individual history. “Application telephone” agents can take phone messages and transcribe voice to text, email messages as well as initiate phone calls based on Internet events, and block unwanted communications. “Geomatic” agents determine the origin of a call, and can allow or deny access to information based on location.

Hundreds of these agents connected to our communication networks work together seamlessly in real-time. They comprise the “labor force” that helps you and your customers easily use automated, interactive decision-making tools and reduce both costs and customer frustration.

Safe. Secure. Centralized. Smart.

Ivrnet maintains its own hosted and highly-secure integrated data center. This center houses our communications software applications. From here, they are connected to communications systems all over the world. The center is of modular design, allowing for new capacity and capabilities to be efficiently added, while ensuring both redundancy and reliability. System capacity and technology updates are made every quarter as a means of staying one step ahead of both Ivrnet’s customer growth, and our customers’ growing service requirements.