Integrated Phone Services

Imagine a world where your business phone system helps drive your business instead of just providing dial tone. Ivrnet Integrated Phone Service unifies your communication needs into a service that delivers outstanding benefits as compared to the traditional customer-purchased equipment model. At Ivrnet we provide the full solution eliminating the need for multiple providers for lines, hardware & support. At Ivrnet you won’t feel locked into a soon to be outdated hardware purchase. Your relationship with us means you’ll always be utilizing the best the world has to offer in telephone hardware.

The Advantage

Experience has shown that buying and implementing "hardware" usually means investing a small fortune in technology that is obsolete within a few years. The Ivrnet Team provides a customized solution for your organization. We take the time to understand your business and how we can tailor our services to address your challenges. Our technology will be meticulously designed to meet your processes and your requirements for today and for the future.

Beyond providing technology solutions, Ivrnet ensures a successful project by providing skilled Team experts to deliver:

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Evergreen Plan
  • User Training
More importantly, Ivrnet provides additional Team experts to complete:
  • Functional Configuration
  • On-going Support and Technical Expertise

The service we provide beyond the technology is what ensures a successful initiative. The Ivrnet Team is committed to the whole initiative.

Ivrnet Integrated Phone Service implementations are available for you to review and test with an easy to schedule demonstration. Simply contact us to schedule your demonstration today.

Ivrnet provides our customers with specific training. In a basic implementation, this involves Ivrnet going onsite to "train the trainer" and supply customer-specific documentation. For more complex implementations, Ivrnet offers talented and knowledgeable trainers to suit our customers' specific needs.


  1. Ivrnet delivers a full suite of unique business applications to enhance communications with your customers and vendors, such as Unified Messaging, Fax2Desktop, Auto-Attendant, Conferencing Bridges, customized Call Routing and more.
  2. Ivrnet's "Evergreen Program" gives your company the flexibility of new phones every three years. This program ensures your company takes advantage of "future-proof" strategies to forego diminishing capital investments.
  3. Network Convergence means the Ivrnet team becomes your single point of contact for all your network requirements including voice, internet and data. Convergence saves you unnecessary stress and costs and improves efficiencies.
  4. Ivrnet Integrated Phone Service is hosted in our world-class data centre, which means there is zero capital cost and the transition cost is very low compared to typical customer-owned phone systems.
  5. The Ivrnet Team provides all necessary training for both your staff and/or a super-user for your company for all aspects of the phone service to ensure your staff realizes the full benefits of our enhanced technologies and ease of use.
  6. Your relationship with Ivrnet ensures the benefits of our outstanding technical support services, available 24x7x365.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Ivrnet Integrated Phone Service deliver all the features of the best customer owned equipment?
    Yes... and more! Ivrnet Integrated Phone Service delivers all the features you could ever want for your organization and much more using our Unified Communications platform and endless list of features professionally hosted within our state of the art Data Center.
  2. Will we have the flexibility to customize the service features, call options and integration we want for our company?
    Yes, Ivrnet's team of professionals will design the phone service that you've always wanted AND enable your company to easily utilize the "Ivrnet Evergreen" plan to keep your company with the best technology available, anywhere, period.
  3. What is the "Ivrnet Evergreen" plan?
    Our "Evergreen" plan is the brainchild from the Ivrnet team who continuously witnesses customers who have purchased hardware devices and software platforms that cost thousands and thousands of dollars and within a few years this capital "investment" is now worthless, outdated and is holding back the productivity of their staff and hampering the company from reaching full potential.

    Ivrnet "Evergreen" means your company will receive new phones every 3 years, and be utilizing the latest developments in telephony software the world has to offer each and every day.

    Very few organizations use mobile or computing devices older then 3 years, why should your office phone service be any different? Gone are the days when your company is held hostage to the "investment" of equipment and outdated software. Welcome to "Ivrnet Evergreen"!
  4. Can our company afford this within our budget?
    Yes, we believe our technology should drive your organization forward with a significant ROI and virtually zero implementation or transition costs.

    Ivrnet Integrated Phone Service is a monthly service we provide to your company with limitless potential vs. the traditional telephone hardware purchase that requires a substantial capital cost (that depreciates quickly) and added to your telco delivered phone lines cost.
  5. Do we have choices of different phones, what are our options?
    Yes, Ivrnet has several different telephone sets to choose from including reception sets, conference sets, boardroom sets as well as headsets and related call center applications.
  6. Will our staff be trained and how difficult is the implementation?
    Yes, the Ivrnet team of professionals provide all necessary training for your staff and your company's "superuser". Our implementation is easy on you and your company, no significant effort is required from your organization at all.

    Our technology is easily adopted and we guarantee our implementation to be exceptionally smooth as we will not alter your current phone lines whatsoever. Our Integrated Phone Service is delivered via our data connection and is fully independent from your traditional telephone lines or PRI services. Once your Ivrnet Integrated Phone Service is installed you simply cancel your current telco service and realize the benefits of truly exceptional phone service.
  7. What about after Sale Support?
    Ivrnet fully supports your Integrated Phone Service with an industry best "Service Level Agreement" and our "award winning", locally staffed 24x7x365 Support Center, where you reach a live person their to resolve the situation immediately and the first time. In addition; our Network and Data Center is fully supported around the clock with dedicated professionals, world class security and the best technology on the planet.