Ivrnet Email Notification Policy

Effective July 1, 2014, the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, or CASL,  prohibits the sending of any commercial electronic communication (“CEM”) to individuals.  Specifically, this means that if you are sending an email that could encourage the recipients to participate in commercial activities (e.g. buy, sell or lease goods, provide business, sell or lease investment or gaming opportunities, advertise or promote such activities), all email recipients must have: (1) provided you with express consent to receive communications from you, or (2) you must have implied consent by virtue of an existing business or non-business relationship with the recipients.  Please be aware of the limitation period for implied consent is 2 years. Note: purely informational emails (e.g. notifications regarding schedule changes, invoices)  are not regulated by CASL.

Administrators or users are strictly prohibited from sending a CEM via Ivrnet’s email system. Any violation of Ivrnet’s Email Policy, as determined by Ivrnet Inc. at its sole discretion, may lead to a warning, suspension or termination of your account. You are responsible to keep up-to-date and comply with this Email Policy.

View CASL Flow chart for more information

If you have questions or concerns about our Email Policy, please submit a support ticket to support@itsportsnet.com.