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Organizations today are need flexible designs, better communication tools, greater control over the content, and customized access, just to name a few features.  Through Ivrnet’s acquisition of ITSportsNet, we are now teamed up with the Accrisoft Corporation (www.accrisoft.com) out of Sarasota, Florida and very proud to offer  Accrisoft's Freedom Content Management System.  Freedom CMS is flexible, powerful, yet easy to manage even for inexperienced webmasters.  Now that Ivrnet is the first Canadian company to host Accrisoft on its own server cloud, we are able to provide this platform to its current customers at a reduced rate compared to going through another Accrisoft reseller. 

We're more than just web hosting. Let us help you build a complete digital presence to leverage the full power of the internet to drive customers to your business or service members of your organization.

Features of Accrisoft-Powered Web Sites

  • Simple, intuitive interface that’s consistent throughout all modules with a WYSIWYG editor built in
  • Choose from a variety of templates or we can build one to your exact specifications
  • Communicate with members through e-newsletters and social media
  • Dynamic news articles and events listed on the main page
  • Events lister and calendar linking to full size calendar
  • Customize access for sub-admins, staff etc so that they only access what they need
  • Polls for surveying your membership
  • SEO checklist
  • Search function, RSS feeds, photo galleries, rotating banner ads, and much more.  Over 80 integrated modules available.
  • Fully hosted Software as a Service model.  No need to worry about upgrades, bug fixes, server management, or hosting. 

Why Ivrnet?

We make the process of getting a new web site easy. 

First we define what you want to accomplish with your web site and clearly explain how to get there with the many tools we have at our disposal.

Secondly, we'll come up with a design for the home page and content pages based on ideas gathered in our initial meeting.  We'll present the mock-ups to you, make adjustments if necessary, and get approval prior to moving onto the next step.

Building the template and modules based on the approved design and migrating your content is the third step.  We'll train you how to use the Freedom CMS to create your web pages and other content.  Trust us...you'll love how easy it is!

The final step is to QA the site and launch it.  We'll assist you with making changes to your domain name or getting a new one registered.

Support is always available by email or phone during business hours, plus we monitor our servers 24/7/365. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a limit to how many pages I can have?

A: There’s no limit to the number of pages you can have in your account.


Q: What’s the file upload size limit and what kind of files can I upload?

A: Currently at 20MB and you can upload any kind of file, even multiple files at once in a ZIP file. 


Q: Where is the web site hosted?

A: On location at Ivrnet’s powerful server cloud in Calgary, Alberta. 


Q: What happens if I want to do some changes to the template design?

A: We’ll have a discussion about what changes you want and come up with an estimate on the cost, including development and any extra graphics.


Q: What if I want a whole new template all together?

A: It’s actually quite easy to switch to a new template without messing up your content, but it does take developer time and possibly some graphics work. 


Q: What happens when I need help with my web site?  Who do I call?

A: We request that Accrisoft customers file a support case just like any other support ticket.  We strive to respond as quickly as possible.

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