Enhancing Advertising

Existing advertising is difficult to quantify. Many companies today engage in various forms of advertising to reach consumers: these can include TV commercials, radio advertisements, internet advertising, billboards, and flyers. Most of these traditional forms of advertising suffer from one common drawback: they are not quantifiable. After all, how many people saw your billboard today? And how many of those were interested in your service? Thereís no real, accurate way to tell.

Ivrnet enhances all of this advertising through the addition of a branded text code to each of them (e.g. text MRLUBE to 313131). Not only does this provide consumers with additional content that they requested, it also enables a means of capturing their data and engaging them into purchasing current and future services. And best of all, everything is quantifiable: thereís no more guessing.

Advertisement-sponsored Informational Text Messages

Consumers love being informed. Whether the information is about upcoming sporting events, new products and services, or the timing of their dentist appointment, consumers want to know whatís happening, and when. Ivrnet owns products that service millions of consumers, providing an ideal platform for businesses to advertise to consumers while at the same time providing important, tangible value to the consumers.

Mobile Website Design and Development

Consumers are becoming increasingly mobile-friendly. Businesses need to follow suit, and Ivrnet can help. Through the design and development of targeted mobile websites tailored to promote the content thatís important to businesses and consumers, while including them in the text messages we send out, Ivrnet ensures that consumers have access to a wealth of information that harnesses the full power of todayís mobile devices. And best of all, mobile websites work across most mobile platforms without re-development for each: these include the iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Symbian (Nokia) platforms.

Custom Mobile Marketing Consulting

Businesses may not always know what they want or what works best. This is where Ivrnet really shines: our long and growing list of high profile clients have relied on us to help them develop imaginative and highly effective programs, and their results to date have been outstanding. From redemption rates for mobile coupons as high as 60% to decreasing customer acquisition costs by as much as $10 per customer, weíve demonstrated time and again that we are experts in the mobile field and we consistently design programs that generate real results.


The proof is in the numbers. Ivrnetís focus on analytics allows us to provide you with valuable data to drive in-depth customer insights. Through the combination of the text numbers merged with other databases, Ivrnet is able to segment markets, provide value propositions for these segments, and allow for tailored messages to reach each segment. This in-depth customer insight data allows for increased return on investments, along with valuable marketing data to tailor specific marketing messages and promotions.

Mobile Couponing

Mobile couponing is typically leveraged by presenting a text message code on different types of advertising (i.e. billboards, radio slots, TV commercials, flyers, etc.), having consumers send a text message to the code, and receiving a text message coupon with a redemption code.  For example, text MRLUBE to 313131 to receive $8 off your next oil change.

Mobile Contests

A variation of mobile couponing, mobile contests involve consumers sending a text message to a keyword to enter a draw for a prize.

Real-Time Mobile Information Distribution

Standard practice for mobile information distribution via text message involves having static content delivered to consumers when they ask for information.  Ivrnet, however, takes this one step further:  by communicating with client systems, Ivrnet can ensure that the information consumers receive is real-time, increasing the value to both consumers and businesses.

Mobile Concierge

A chat tool using the power of text messaging, mobile concierge allows consumers to send text message questions to a company representative, who can respond directly from a web-enabled computer.

Mobile Conference Management

Ivrnetís mobile conference package includes five primary mobile services:

  1. Conference notifications and reminders to delegates, centrally managed by an administrator
  2. Mobile business cards branded for each delegate (no more losing business cards)
  3. Mobile information and contests for each delegate booth (no more losing business marketing material)
  4. Mobile website design and hosting
  5. Mobile surveys to elicit conference feedback

Mobile Political Marketing

An easy way to enhance the value of marketing materials for candidates using signs and flyers, Ivrnetís Mobile Political Marketing also comes with full location and time-based reporting on each sign. This allows consumers to learn more about their candidates, while enabling Campaign Managers to make on-the-fly decisions to improve the likelihood of candidates getting elected.

Mobile Reminders

Help overwhelmed consumers remember the things that are important to them by providing text-message reminders.

Mobile Business Cards (tCards)

The business card that never gets lost!  Colleagues and clients can send a text message with your name to 313131 to easily and quickly receive your contact information.

Ivrnet is no stranger to the mobile space, having designed and implemented mobile programs for some of North Americaís largest companies for the last seven years.  Here are some of the clients that trusted Ivrnet with their mobile initiatives:

Microsoft Safeway Old Dutch Second Cup
Calgary Stampded Marks Mr. Lube Open Text
Swiss Chalet Calgary Flames Legacy Trout Unlimited
TEDX Impact Olympic Oval Nenshi For Mayor
Calgary Transit