Our Vision

Technology is integral to everyday life and the conducting of business in the 21st century. And it continues to evolve rapidly in response to society’s tireless pursuit of “better” and “greater” things including solutions to complex issues.

Technology continues to promise us a better quality of life. A longer life. Better health, with less stress and more spare time. More expedient and cost-effective solutions. More convenience. Better service, increased value, instant gratification and improved communication between people and businesses. Technology’s promise has created and placed a global economy quite literally at our fingertips. Now, more than ever, society is dependent on technology and few would argue that it is here to stay.

Though for all its promise and power, technology is often expensive, complex, incompatible, inflexible, unreliable and alienating. A dichotomy that can create dissatisfaction and frustration among customers and users versus building loyal long-term business relationships. Ironically, from a business perspective, technology can be perceived as a high-risk proposition.

The more “new” and different technologies we have, the more each needs to integrate and communicate with the others in order for each to perform its specific function while contributing to the bigger picture – thus fulfilling the “technology promise”.

In light of this, a large part of the Ivrnet vision is based on eliminating the risk factors of technology. We’re doing so by creating reliable solutions and applications that truly deliver on the technology promise and help build our customers’ businesses.

It’s a vision based on a singular belief – that the most important part of technology is its interaction with the people it serves.

It’s no secret that a common frustration for many customers is in dealing with automated “service” attendants. The customer is at technology’s mercy, having to listen to a host of options, answer a series of questions and repeat responses, often arriving at a dead-end when the attendant can’t decipher the request. The result – misdirected or abruptly-terminated calls and growing customer dissatisfaction. It’s a classic example of technology controlling the customer, and it undermines a company’s ability to retain customers and build loyalty. With the predictable results on the bottom line.

The Ivrnet difference: Humanizing automated interaction.

Imagine an automated service attendant that can intuit how you want to be responded to. One that can recognize your voice and unique intonation and greet you by name. Adjust its intonation to match the situation at hand. Understand foreign accents. Even assess for, and alert authorities if it senses, identity fraud.

It starts with how we conceive and build our communications applications. Most applications use interactive voice response, prompts and limited voice recognition to obtain basic information and transact with callers. Not exactly how most companies would like their employees to treat customers.

In contrast, we’ve developed a revolutionary approach to automated interaction. One that enables technology to truly “converse” with customers. Resulting in greater customer satisfaction, increased customer loyalty and a stronger bottom line.

We’ve done it by significantly advancing the “art of voice recognition”, creating applications built on sophisticated voice recognition technology. Technology that incorporates artificial intelligence, biometrics, linguistics and human behavior in order to capture and correctly interpret many non-verbal nuances of communication.

The proof is out there.

Our ultimate goal is to enable our customers’ technology to interact effectively, intelligently and productively with their customers, their employees and other stakeholders. Essentially what one would expect if the technology were an employee. This simple but powerful idea is the essence of both the Ivrnet vision and the Ivrnet difference. One that’s already making a powerful difference for hundreds of businesses.

Over the past five years, we’ve consistently been “walking the walk”. Building, testing and continuously improving our products and services. We have been delivering on technology’s promise, everyday, for every customer, in dozens of diverse industries. And we have the results to prove it.

We invite you to learn more about the Ivrnet difference, including what some of your peers have to say about the bottom-line results they’ve achieved working with us.

David Snell
President and CEO, Ivrnet Inc