Ivrnet Sales Partners

Partner Agents

Partner Agents enable a sales and support network across the United States and Canada, their clients supported and managed directly by Ivrnet.

White Label Partner

White Label Partners repackage Ivrnet services under their own brand, provide Tier 1 support to their clients, receiving Tier 2 support and operations from Ivrnet.

Application and Service Providers 

Application and Service providers imbed Ivrnet SaaS and CaaS services within applications of their own.  

Ivrnet Marketing Partners

Lead Generation

Marketing Partners engage on product specific lead generation campaigns to reach broad audiences for prepackaged consumer and small business applications.

Market Research

Research Partners provide sophisticated customer research to share in revenue streams for new and growing product platforms.

 Joint Venture Partners

PBS Systems Group

The PBS Systems Group has been providing accurate, reliable Dealership software, services and support for more than 20 years. During that period PBS has become the largest Canadian Dealership systems vendor as well as one of the top three in North America.


GetVext.com provides mobile subscribers with access to SMS, Twitter, and more…without typing, by voice at any time on any mobile device including BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian , Android, and ALL PRE-PAID phones etc. Subscribers compose and reply text messages all by voice – hands-free and eyes-free safely while driving, or any other time.


Joint Venture Partnerships involve tight collaboration of product design, marketing, support and life cycle management.