When it comes to your staff documenting notes after client visits, there are two basic realities:

  • Notes need to be generated in a timely and accurate fashion
  • The manual documentation process is more time consuming than everyone would like

With this in mind, Ivrnet developed a new phone-based system called QUICK NOTES that enables users to DICTATE THEIR NOTES in 1/4th of the time it takes to manually enter.  

Anytime / Anywhere
Aside from simplifying the documentation process, your staff NO LONGER REQUIRE A COMPUTER OR INTERNET CONNECTION to submit their reports into your Information System.   This can eliminate the need for laptops and wireless connections for staff out in the field.

Set Up Process:
You first customize specific questions for your staff to respond to during the dictation process. 

Accuracy of Speech Recognition
Based on the questions you design and uniformity of responses, our Speech Recognition system generates text-based reports with audio files available to resolve discrepancies.

Dictation Process:
As Users call the Quick Notes system and dictate responses, it generates an Audio file that our Speech Recognition Engine instantly converts into a Text file.  This is stored on our secure server, exportable for import into your information system.

Web-based Administration
Notes’ Web Portal provides 100% administrative control to manage users and export data.  The portal is accessible by your staff, who see only their reports, and supervisors, who can review reports for all users in the system.

Data Security
Our stringent hosting practices provide a secure environment, with Enterprise-grade web hosting hardware coupled with application level firewall protection.  If requested, all data can be permanently disposed of based on a schedule set by the client.

Increased Productivity for your Staff
Based on a staff worker making 3 visits per day, they can call into Quick Notes  and dictate notes for each client in 5 minutes vs. 15 via manual data entry.  This saves them 30 minutes a day, 2.5 hours per week or 130 hours per year, the equivalent of one full month’s work. 

Another benefit of the dictation process is the instant access administrators have to the reports, rather than having to wait until the data entry is completed (at the end of the week).

To see how Quick Notes works and how easy it is to manage, please contact Kevin Dogen at 650-560-9934 or to schedule a 15-20 minute online demonstration.