Realizing Technology's Promise

The Technology Promise The Technology Reality
The Ivrnet Difference
  • Increase efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness.
  • Increased costs and disruption to operations due to incompatibility of platforms and systems, ongoing requirement for new technology/upgrades/fixes and related downtime
  • Sixty per cent (60%) of technology features are never used due to lack of need, training and/or missing components resulting in wasted capital investment incurred for unused features (in terms of training and technology).
  • Increased costs of maintaining, upgrading and auto-synchronizing decentralized/individual intelligence devices.
  • Compatibility with any platform/system eliminates need for expensive new technology or upgrades. Zero down-time normally inherent with implementing new applications.
  • Applications are provided as a service and hosted by Ivrnet. A full range of products and services are available (including customization) as needed to ensure successful application of technology. No money is wasted on new technology and/or unneeded/ill-suited products and services.
  • Little to no training is required for customers and users as products and services are as intuitive to use as the phone and email.
  • Simplify how we work.
  • Reports and analysis are expensive, difficult to interpret and produced long after the fact, resulting in missed opportunities.
  • Customized, easy-to-understand reports are available instantly in real-time. Customers can identify and respond to issues and opportunities as they arise.
  • Be user-friendly.
  • Enhance communication and dialogue.
  • Enhance customer service, increase satisfaction and customer retention.
  • Decreased customer satisfaction.
  • Increased sense of isolation/alienation and loss of business due to impersonal, non-user-friendly service.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and customer retention.
  • Increase reliability, continuity, functionality and multi-tasking.
  • Businesses view new technology as a high-risk proposition.
  • Intelligent network increases accessibility, security, and reliability, eliminating need for costly individual intelligence devices. Accessible any time from anywhere in North America.         
  • Increase profitability.
  • Negative impact on bottom line.
  • Increased profitability.