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The most complete product in sport management just got better. ITSportNet V2.1 saves you more time, eliminates redundant administration and addresses many of the issues that have plagued sports organizations for years. It is, simply, a huge improvement for team based sports.

You wanted a dramatic improvement – you’ve got it! Born from years of feedback from registrars, volunteers, club officials and coaches, ITSportsNet V2.1 represents a leap forward for the whole industry. 

Integrated Framework – Address registration, insurance, communication, policy and reporting issues with a single product suite. Enter information once then use it a reliable base for sign-up, payment tracking, player development and history. ITSportsNet implements a plug and play framework that allows the system to be tailored to your most pressing problems. From any web location, ITSportsNet helps you:  

  • Establish a central database for every player, coach, official, volunteer or parent
  • Set policies centrally, communicate automatically and enforce consistently  
  • Ensure privacy by enabling only authorized individual on a need to know basis
  • Review and approve rosters, transfer players and print team rosters 
  • Enter game scores, report and track infractions, enforce suspensions and fines
  • Report on counts, $$$s, trends with role specific financial, registration and management tools
  • Communicate to any role, group or individual with our intelligent email lists 
  • Integrate seamlessly with optional  league management and online registration (OLR)

Reduce registration time. Automate everything with consistent processes eliminating errors. A single click reregisters players from last year. Transfer and approval process streamlines inter-district transfers and powerful reports ensure you can track anything. Even discipline can be managed with one of the optional components.

Share the workload. Registrars and officials at many different locations can share the same information, instantly. A central repository allows data to be captured once, correctly. And you can always tell who, did what, to whom, when! Combined with our world class security you can rest assured your data has never been safer.

Register online. Save even more work. Get the data directly from the source. With optional OLR, parents or athletes can sign-up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system can register players, produce invoices, collect payments, track financial data, issue receipts and report on every step.

Communicate between clubs and governing bodies. ITSportsNet actually improves communication. With industry best practices and to your relevant policies built in, you talk in the same terms and do things the same way.

Over 1 million annual registrants can’t be wrong!