Ivrnet Services operate 24/7/365.

Ivrnet operates its products in the Cloud, meaning that all products run in an Ivrnet hosting center and are available either through the web or through the telephone. Because all applications are operated within Ivrnet’s hosting facilities, Ivrnet generates revenue as a service provider as well as an application developer. This means recurring revenue streams and long term customer relationships. As a Cloud provider Ivrnet can maintain a tight integration of all its telephone tools with web components, making configuration of its services fast and easy, typically by the users themselves. This increases access and lowers the cost of support for all applications.

Ivrnet delivers telephone application in North America through the local access telephone network, the North American 1-800 network, or internationally through International Toll Free Services (ITFS) or Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN). Ivrnet provides custom speech enabled applications to a broad marketplace, helping a variety of customers take their ideas to market. Ivrnet uses Natural Language Processing to automated routine business communications and free company employees for more personal and value added contact with customers. Custom services include design, development, voice scripting, recording, operation and product support. Applications are developed to run within Ivrnet’s infrastructure, and not on customer premised equipment. Developed applications are operated for a monthly fee, as per minute or per call fee for service, or under revenue split arrangements. Custom application development is undertaken only when the project leverages Ivrnet’s core strengths or when the developed application will enhance or extend Ivrnet’s core technology. All Intellectual property developed remains with Ivrnet for inclusion in its own products or other applications.

In the next decade we will see a convergence of telephone data, and other communication methods onto a single integrated network. This network will be fed by a myriad of different devices and protocols. As this happens speech enabled applications will be come more prevalent and offer more power to end users. Today we are at the beginning of a communications initiative that will integrate voice into virtually every know application. Ivrnet intends to remain at the forefront of this initiative, deploying proven technologies in unique and powerful ways to add tremendous value to our clients.

In addition to internal monitoring, Ivrnet services are remotely monitored by two third parties from locations around the world.

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