Unified Messaging

Imagine a world where you no longer need to check 2 or 3 machines to retrieve all your messages and faxes. A world where all your voicemail and fax messages show up in your e-mail inbox make it easier to listen, respond and share your communications. Where you can be on the road or out of town on business and still receive important calls coming into your office. One number to reach you anywhere, anytime: thatís the power of Ivrnetís Unified Messaging Service. Our powerful Unified Messaging service consolidates your voice and fax communications into your e-mail inbox. Our intelligent FindMe/FollowMe feature letís you decide how your calls are routed and directed so that no matter where you are you can still be in touch when you need to be. And our VisualVoicemail, Speech2Text feature converts your voicemails to a text e-mail simplifying your communications like never before.

The Advantage

The Ivrnet Team of experienced professionals will always provide a full and complete analysis of your organizationís operations and business processes. We strive to provide the finest custom solution tailored to your needs and our commitment to optimizing your operations will far exceed any others. The Ivrnet Team philosophy is to become your trusted technical solution partner for today and for the future. With the Ivrnet Team loyalty, accountability, technical expertise and on-going support, there will never be a need for another outsourced consultant in your workplace.

Beyond providing our web and telephony solutions, the experts on the Ivrnet Team ensure to deliver:

  • Business Process and Operational Analysis
  • Complete Implementation
  • Functional Configuration
  • User Training
  • On-going Support Service


  1. One Number
    One number for your telephone, cell phone and fax to help you manage your communications and ensure your important contacts can reach you.
  2. FindMe/FollowMe
    A dynamic, customizable service let's you decide how your incoming calls are routed. Have a different schedule for every day of the week or ensure your home phone doesn't ring after hours all at the click of a button.
  3. Voicemail2Email
    Voicemails captured by our UM service are converted into a .wav file and e-mailed to your inbox so they can be easily listened to and shared.
  4. Fax2Email
    We convert all your incoming faxes to .pdf or .tif format and e-mail them to your inbox helping you consolidate your communications and share information more easily.
  5. File2Fax
    By uploading a file into our web portal you can send outbound faxes directly from your desktop to any fax number. Paired with Fax2Email you may never need a fax machine again!
  6. Speech2Text
    Ivrnetís leading edge voice recognition engine converts your voicemail to text and e-mail them directly to your Inbox.
  7. Call Recording
    Optional call recording lets you keep a digital record of all your conversations helping you save time, money and unnecessary confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Ivrnet's FindMe/FollowMe Service work?
    Using our easy-to-use web portal you decide how and when your calls are routed to your various numbers. Whether it's to your office, home or cell phone we make sure your calls are redirected to wherever you need them.
  2. How can I send my faxes to my phone number?
    Because your incoming phone calls or faxes hit our data centre first before ringing on your phone we are able to identify your faxes in real time and segregate those calls.
  3. Can I use any existing phone number?
    So long as you're with a Canadian carrier we can use any wireless or landline phone number for Ivrnet's UM service. This gives you the piece of mind to know that you take advantage of the UM service with your existing published numbers.
  4. Why do I have to port my number to Ivrnet?
    Only by porting your number to Ivrnet can we capture your incoming calls & faxes and layer on our highly sophisticated applications. We retain this number for as long as you're a client and will port it back to you at any time.
  5. What if I want a new phone number?
    Ivrnet has an extensive bank of phone numbers to choose from and we can leverage our relationships with our multiple phone carriers to help you get a number that is the right fit for you.
  6. I'm an organization that needs multiple UM accounts for several employees, do you offer volume pricing?
    Yes! Please contact our sales group to get a quote on multiple Unified Messaging Accounts.