Practitioners who provide home-based services often put their personal safety in jeopardy when visiting clients.   Mitigating possible risks with buddy systems and check-in procedures are helpful,  but not sufficient for field situations that become unstable.  To ensure that these circumstances are managed quickly and effectively, an automated Emergency Notification System is essential.  Ivrnet's safeTeam is designed to provide the security of auto-generated alerts when safety has been compromised. Real-time staff location updates, current milage reports, and customized escalation processes are all easily configured through the safeTeam web application. 

Key Benefits:

  • Real-time data provides the current location of field staff viewable from any web-enabled device.
  • Telephone and email alerts are securely and automatically delivered if a safety concern is suspected.
  • Safety protocols and triggered alerts are customized according to your escalation requirements.
  • An emergency distress call can be made instantly from the user's cell phone.
  • No additional equipment is required; only a cell phone in the field and an internet connection in the office.
  • Online mileage reports are instantly updated with each check-in call and can be exported into Excel.

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