Putting PBS in the drivers seat

PBS Systems Inc. is North America’s largest and most established supplier of Microsoft Windows based Dealer Management Software. PBS software manages all aspects of an auto dealership’s sales, service, parts, finance, and insurance operations. PBS is also a founding member of the STAR Alliance, a standard for information exchange adopted by most major automotive manufactures and suppliers.

The challenge

PBS wanted to be the first in the world to integrate telephony services into their Dealer Management Software to help their clients with the sales process by generating accountability within their dealerships through performance measurements. It needed to deploy this application to hundreds of client organizations without affecting their clients’ business operations including no new hardware and no training for its salespeople or their customers.

The solution

Ivrnet provided PBS the ability to monitor and record thousands of phone lines for their many dealerships, generating real-time reports to sales managers on how many calls their dealerships were receiving and from where, as well as recording sales calls for training purposes to improve the effectiveness of the sales force. Ivrnet’s voice identification technology enabled PBS to be the first company in the world to automatically determine the identity of the salesperson each time a call is answered and to send this information alongside each call record directly into the CRM and sales management tools of the dealership. Ivrnet also provided PBS the ability to have their software automatically call thousands of their dealerships' customers to remind them of service appointments and notify them of upcoming events.

Ivrnet enabled PBS to be the first in the world to launch this new voice-identification application, offering our clients features and products that still haven’t been matched by our competitors. Their creativity in bringing revolutionary new ideas to the table is amazing and matched only by their uncanny ability to truly understand our business and our clients’ needs. The icing on the cake is how easy they are to work with. You couldn't ask for a better business partner.

Ken Hergert
Vice President
PBS Systems Inc.