When on client visits, social agency case workers may at times put their personal safety at risk. And while social organizations makes every attempt to mitigate this risk by having certain procedures in place (i.e. the buddy system or notify a colleague), situations can quickly become unstable, and even violent. In these unforeseen instances, an automated emergency notification system is absolutely required. 

Safety made simple and cost-effective
Social agencies operate under tight budgets, so IVRNET delivers an inexpensive and easy to use solution that significantly mitigates the risk for field staff while delivering tangible operational benefits. For less than than $1 per day per user (on average), safeTeam significantly and efficiently enhances the safety and security of field staff by delivering standardized procedures for the real-time monitoring of visits and the associated reporting.

No new equipment required
IVRNETís safeTeam requires no additional equipment: with only a cell phone in the field, and a connected internet browser at the office:

  • Have a real time view of field staff location as they check in and out of appointments
  • Set standard appointment times, and add time to appointments if required
  • Automate call-back when a staff member does not check out of an appointment
  • Ensure that unanswered calls automatically trigger an escalation procedure that you define
  • Provide single-touch emergency distress calling for field staff
  • Generate reports for mileage and appointment times/duration

Improve operational reporting 
IVRNETís safeTeam also provides an automated method for staff to enter mileage as they arrive at each visit, and an easy, one-touch export to Excel for staff to generate individual mileage reports when required. Managers have access to all staff reports, so that the approval process is much easier, and when budget and funding request time comes around, they can accurately analyze and budget for mileage costs, visits per/person and other operational key metrics.