Gymnastics Saskatchewan selects Ivrnet to provide online sports administration for its 13,000 members in 70+ clubs

Calgary, Alberta, (March 22, 2012) – “We are proud to announce that Gymnastics Saskatchewan, the provincial sport body that governs artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline sports in Saskatchewan has signed a three-year partnership deal with Ivrnet,” says Larry Jacques, Director of Sales.

“Under our partnership agreement, Ivrnet will provide Gymnastics Saskatchewan members with the most up to date registration systems, the ability to purchase and utilize add-on, in-club registration online programs and pay-as-you-go technology,” explains Klara Kesmarky Miller, CEO, Gymnastics Saskatchewan. “We will also benefit from event and clinic registration for Gymnastics Saskatchewan programs, as well as class scheduling programs.”

Adds Jacques, “We are grateful for the support of Ms. Miller and her Gymnastics Saskatchewan staff. This new partnership reinforces Ivrnet’s commitment to providing leading-edge technology and premium solutions for the sport of Gymnastics across Canada.” 

Some of the other programs that Gymnastics Saskatchewan will receive from Ivrnet include: Provincial Gymnastics Registration Database, Club Management Solution, Clinic & Certification module and Batch Invoicing.

Nationally, Ivrnet provides Online Registration and Class Management for more than 165,000 gymnasts through provincial gymnastic governing bodies in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

About Ivrnet Inc.

Ivrnet is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider whose in-depth knowledge of voice and data applications enables it to be a valuable asset to business. Ivrnet’s on demand software solutions improve business communications and drive revenue while saving time, reducing costs and enhancing a company’s bottom line. We perform in virtually every industry sector. One of these areas is online sports administration where we are the North American leader in managing processes that include registration, scheduling and website content. Our software technologies are also strategically designed to help businesses strengthen customer relationships and promote loyalty 24/7/365.

About Gymnastics Saskatchewan

Gymnastics Saskatchewan is the provincial sport body that governs artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline sports in the province of Saskatchewan. Incorporated in 1975 Gymnastics Saskatchewan is an active member in both Sask Sport and Gymnastics Canada.

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