Ontario Football Alliance selects Ivrnet to provide online sports administration for its 10,000 members in 67 clubs


Calgary, Alberta, (March 28 2012) – “We are pleased to announce that the Ontario Football Alliance (OFA), the governing body for all Touch, Tackle and Flag football played in Ontario has engaged in a  three-year partnership arrangement with Ivrnet,” says Larry Jacques, Ivrnet’s Director of Sales. “We will be providing OFA and its 10,000 members with leading edge online sports administration technology.”

“Beginning in April, we will have the capability of offering our 67 clubs the most up-to-date player registration system available.  Members will also have the ability to purchase and utilize add-on, in-club registration programs and pay-as-you-go technology,” explains Ms. Tina Turner, Director of Operations, OFA. “We will also be able to leverage Ivrnet’s event and clinic registration expertise for Ontario Football Alliance programs and class scheduling programs.” 

Turner added that the OFA has embarked on a training program for members on how to implement the new Ivrnet programs and applications.

Adds Jacques, “We are delighted to be able to provide the Ontario Football Alliance’s with a suite of proven products that will take them to the next level in online sports administration and management.”

Some of the other programs that OFA will receive from Ivrnet include a provincial membership database, seamless access for all member clubs and provincial alliances, batch invoicing and the Accrisoft website platform that allows members to easily import and manage customized online content.

About Ontario Football Alliance (OFA)

The Ontario Football Alliance is the governing body for all Touch, Tackle and Flag football played in Ontario. The OFA’s mission is to develop football in Ontario by providing programs to improve the game through participation and mandates developed by its membership. Today, the OFA has approximately 10,000 members enrolled in 67 clubs and leagues throughout Ontario. www.ontariofootballalliance.ca

About Ivrnet Inc.

Ivrnet is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider whose in-depth knowledge of voice and data applications enables it to be a valuable asset to business. Ivrnet’s on demand software solutions improve business communications and drive revenue while saving time, reducing costs and enhancing a company’s bottom line. We perform in virtually every industry sector. One of these areas is online sports administration where we are the North American leader in managing processes that include registration, scheduling and website content. Our software technologies are also strategically designed to help businesses strengthen customer relationships and promote loyalty 24/7/365.

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Ms. Tina Turner, Director of Operations, OFA (888) 313-9419  director@ontariofootballalliance.ca