Setting up the ultimate assist

Setting up the ultimate assist.

In their 27-year history, the Flames have become a premier franchise in the NHL. Over the years, they have captured numerous prestigious trophies and titles. The pinnacle of the team’s history was being crowned Stanley Cup champions for the 1988-89 season when they defeated the Montréal Canadiens.

The challenge

The Calgary Flames needed a unique new advertising property that directly engaged the team’s fans during the game. The intent was to combine fan participation with client sponsorship.

The solution

Ivrnet enabled the Calgary Flames to host “The Hardest Working Flame” contest – an “American Idol” style voting contest in real-time for those at the game or watching on select TV broadcasts. Fans were able to vote for their favorite Flames player of the game simply by dialing a phone number that ended in that player’s jersey number. Ivrnet tallied votes in real-time so that the “instant winner” was notified of their prize immediately over the phone as they voted. Concurrently, Ivrnet provided totals to the Flames production staff so that the vote winner could be profiled at the end of the game.

Ivrnet met our challenge. They created a unique user-friendly experience that engaged our fans and attracted a sponsor. This contest wouldn’t have been possible without Ivrnet’s technology. Through continual customization and modification, they kept the contest fresh and interesting for our fans. Not only was Ivrnet easy to work with but they also brought new ideas to the table, implemented them quickly, and worked within the tight constraints of our live production crew. We’ve been thrilled with how well the contest has caught on with both our fans and sponsor. It was by far the most successful new Flames’ promotion of the year.

Jim Bagshaw
Vice President
The Calgary Flames