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The Ivrnet Team is aware of emails being received, regarding an amazon purchase. These emails are spam and most likely a phishing scam (see below for a definition of phishing).

Unfortunately, you were targeted and the perpetrator selected as camouflage for this campaign. We strongly recommend deleting the email in question, as soon as possible.

Our security team has taken steps to block this from happening in the future, however, this type of activity is becoming more frequent and sophisticated. Please use caution when responding to any email even if it appears to be legitimate.

Thank you.

Ivrnet Customer Care Team

"Phishing" is a type of identity theft where criminals use email to try to bait you into fake websites. Once there, you are asked to disclose confidential financial and personal information, like passwords, credit card numbers, access codes or Social Insurance Numbers. The most familiar type of phishing scam is an e-mail threatening serious consequences if you do not log in and take action immediately.

If you have questions regarding the validity of any email, please contact the originating company directly using a confirmed phone number, email address or website address. Many phishing emails will include a fraudulent phone number or email address. A google search can help you find the correct contact information.

What Customers Are Saying

Online registration allowed us to register half the available class spots on the first day of registration…

Dynamyx transitioned to Ivrnet’s ITsportnet V2.1 three years ago after searching for a user-friendly program with affordable prices for our non-profit gymnastics club. We were also looking for a Canadian-based product that understood our requirements and Revenue Canada's guidelines. Ivrnet’s professional staff was able to meet our specific club needs.

Providing clients online registration allowed us to register half the available class spots on the first day of registration. That is four times the normal capacity of in-house daily and has saved us countless overtime hours. The simplicity of the online system was easy for clients to manage.

We are very happy with this online registration system and Ivrnet’s quality standards.  Ivrnet values our input, listens to our suggestions and they’ve been involving clients in the development of their new technology – Ivrnet Central – to ensure it meets sports’ various needs. We’ll definitely be migrating to Ivrnet Central once it’s launched.

Kim Farrell
Executive Director
Dynamyx Gymnastics Club; 2000 members, Alberta